Psalm 92

1) As we rest, we worship our Most High God, because of his loyal love and his provision (vv.1-4)

2) As we rest, we worship the Most High King, because we trust that his plans will ultimately triumph. (vv.5-9)

3) As we rest, we worship the Most High God, because we have been given assured victory (vv.10-11)

4) As we rest, we worship the Most High God because we have the righteous Lord present as our dwelling place (vv.12-15)

Psalm 98

A life w/o singing? If you read the Bible, you’ll conclude that’s not the kind of life we’re made for. That’s not the good life. Not life as it’s supposed to be. Psalm 98 describes exactly the opposite:
    God’s people singing to the LORD (vv.1-3)
        All people singing to the King, the LORD (vv.4-6)
            All creation singing to the Judge of all (vv.7-9)

Acts 16:16-40, "Supernatural Signs and Salvations"

During their 2nd missionary journey, Paul and his missionary team witnessed supernatural signs and salvations in Philippi. The Holy Spirit empowers God's people for God's mission to the world, establishing churches that are counter-cultural communities for Jesus, that help others in the name of Jesus, that engage in spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus, and that obey Jesus' Acts 1:8 commission.

Jesus' Witnesses Suffer Misunderstanding

Pastor Scott Kelly preaches from Acts 14:8-18. The big idea: Although many will misunderstand our witness about him, we must still trust God as faithful witnesses to the gospel.

    ...when God’s Words and works are misunderstood (vv. 8-11)

    ...when language differences create misunderstanding (v. 11)

    ...when worldview differences create misunderstanding (vv.12-18)
        Recognizing Cultural & Religious Differences
        Finding Common Ground
        Communicating Gospel Truths