Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center

1823 Church Street
Evanston, IL 60201


9:30am - Community Gathering

10:30am - Worship Gathering

How long is the Worship Gathering? 

The exact time may vary, but our worship service usually runs 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever is comfortable for you!  Most people dress casually.

Where can I park? Public transportation?

There is ample street parking in a lot at the southeast corner of Church & Dodge and it's always free on Sundays.

For those taking the bus, the #208 Pace Bus stops close by at Church & Dodge.

What about kids? 

We are a church where children feel safe and loved, and where they encounter God.

Our vision is to see multiple generations worshiping God together. Sunday worship gatherings are strategic opportunities for parents to share their faith with their children.  Children learn so much by corporately experiencing prayer, singing praises, and listening to what God is doing through testimonies of missionaries and others, and through the preaching of the Bible.  Worship can be precious family time, when our children see that we worship God because He is our delight!

Please let us know how we can best serve your family, and help each member of your family engage with us in our worship service.

Do you serve communion (The Lord's Supper)? 

Yes.  We usually serve communion on the first Sunday of the month, and at other special times like Good Friday, Christmas Eve and Special Prayer & Communion Services.

What is a Worship Gathering like? 

We gather in a community center with ample seating, decent lighting and friendly people. Then, for about an hour and 20 minutes, we read God's word, sing and pray together, hear God's Word proclaimed, and genuinely seek to encourage one another in our faith.  The music style is generally contemporary, and that includes new songs and old hymns.  After the service, we enjoy spending a bit of time together and getting to know new people.

Is Evanston Baptist Church a part of any denomination?

We are part of a family of churches collectively known as Great Commission Baptists. For over 150 years, this family of churches has also been known as the Southern Baptist Convention.  We prefer the name Great Commission Baptists because not all of us live in "The South" and we do not all identify with "Southern" culture in the same ways. And Jesus' Great Commission is what we are all about. At the same time, we're also okay with being known as Southern Baptists because we are so thankful for the spiritual sacrifices made by SBC churches to start and provide support for Evanston Baptist Church since our founding in the year 2000.

Why do we participate in a denomination?

Because we can do more good together than we can by ourselves.  Specifically, we choose to cooperate with our family of churches for international missions, church planting, theological education, speaking to public issues with a united Christian voice, disaster relief, and global relief.

I'm from a (fill in the blank) religious background.  Is that okay?  

Yes!  All people are welcome at our Sunday worship gatherings!